[DONE] System/Page option for Default Page


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On my MMGT, I have several pages that all have a Back button defined. This button uses the System Page action to navigate back to the previous page. The idea is to have these pages be available for presets regardless of what the preset's initial page is (e.g. page 1, a Local page, etc). It works fine if the navigation is from the initial page to one of these sub-pages, but only for one level of navigation. What's missing is a way to go home, not just back a page.

What I'd love is a new "Default" (or "Home") value in the System Page action values (alongside Down, Up, and Previous) that would navigate to whatever page is specified as the "Show Page" value in the preset's General Settings. That would enable more flexibility in cross-page navigation, and better enable the "back home" scenario that I'm trying to implement.