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I've been using the original Mastermind with a Rack Gizmo for years now for my "Rick Onslow modded" JCM800 2204 amplifier channel/fonction and audio loop switching. The CC88 controls the solo boost on my amp and everything works fine when in the preset mode. Recently, i tried to configure the IA5 to control the CC88 in a momentary mode so when i press IA5 button the solo boost engages and when i release it the solo boost disengages. It's particularly useful in a live situation so you don't have to press a button twice. The problem i have with that is when i return to the preset mode, the CC88 is always off no matter the preset. I'm a little bit confused with this situation and any advise would be appreciated.


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The original Mastermind is pretty limited in what it can do. If you set an IA button to momentary, it can no longer be programmed to turn on or off when you switch presets. It only works when you're actually pressing the button. You probably can get it to work if you assign two IA buttons to control the same function - one set to momentary, which is used for the "boost when holding" function, and one set to normal, which is used for programming on/off for each preset.