BOOST PEDAL question?


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So I'm making headway on building my (preposterously complicated, outrageously expensive) WET/DRY/WET rig.

(NOTE: I am ONLY looking to volume boost the rig to cut through for solos... not change gain or tone)

I use an RJM MEGX (but will be changing to an Effects Gizmo Rack unit) and a Mastermind LT to control my effects. I have some effects in the front of the DRY amp... then 4-cable-method FX SEND of the DRY amp through the MEGX to the WET amp with my time-based effects (chorus, delay, reverb) out of the MEGX into a Line Mixer to the FX RETURN of the WET amp (for delay/reverb trails).

But where do I put the boost pedal to ONLY effect volume and not gain or tone?

I understand in a mono amp setup I'd just have to put the boost in the loop (likely at the end of the chain)... but since I have my time-based effects not going back into the MEGX, if I put the Boost at the end of that part of the chain I won't be able to control it with the MEGX and it will only boost the trails...

Where do I put the boost pedal to be able to boost both the WET amp and DRY amp simultaneously and evenly? Is it even possible?

ALSO: if I have any non-time-based pedals in the "Loop" end of the 4-cable-method MEGX... Do I return the MEGX back to the FX RETURN of the Dry amp while the time-based effects are sent off to the Line Mixer (not returning to the MEGX)?