EFFECT GIZMO “Function Switch” Functiom?


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So I have a MEGX… I love it. But for purposes of streamlining my rack and increasing pedals without using the stereo 1/4 cables… I’m looking to change to the EFFECT GIZMO Rack and giving my MEGX to my Bassist.

The problem is, I use the “Function Switch” on my MEGX to push tap tempo to one of my pedals (MXR CARBON COPY DELUXE Delay Pedal)…

I’m trying to read the EFFECT GIZMO’s manual. I understand it doesn’t have a “Function Switch”… but is there any way to assign one of the ports to do what the. “Function Switch” on the MEGX does?

Yes, any of loops 9 through 12 can be used as single function switches instead of their normal audio function. Just use the loop's Out jack to connect to the amp. Make sure nothing is connected to the loop's Send, Return and In jacks.