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What are the power requirements of the BOB-8?

The BOB-8 requires 9 volts AC or DC, with a minimum current supply of 175mA. It uses a standard BOSS-type connector: 5.5mm x 2.1mm x 9.5mm. Polarity is not important.

The BOB-8 is typically daisy chained with another RJM product: For example, with an RG-16, you plug the RG-16's power supply into the BOB-8, then use the supplied power cord to connect the BOB-8 to the RG-16. Make sure that you don't exceed the maximum current of the AC adapter, especially if you're phantom powering a MIDI controller. You can use one adapter to power an RG-16, BOB-8 and MasterMind with the adapter that comes with the RG-16. If you're using a different MIDI controller, you may need a larger AC adapter.
What the heck is a BOB-8 anyway?

The BOB-8 is an isolated switch breakout box. It converts the 8-pin switching jack on our switching products to eight individual 1/4" switch jacks. These jacks are electrically isolated from each other by relays, so it makes it possible to connect each jack to a different amp without running into electrical problems.
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