FAQ: Effect Gizmo Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know if my Effect Gizmo is the full stereo model?

If the serial number has the letter "S" handwritten after the serial number, then it's full stereo.

There's a small chance that we didn't write the S on it. (Whoops!) If so, you can test it to find out for sure. Plug in two stereo (TRS) cables, one in "Input 1-4" and another in "Output 5-8". Measure with an ohmmeter to see if there's a connection between the ring of the each cable. If there is a connection, the unit is full stereo.
What are the power requirements of the Effect Gizmo?

The Effect Gizmo needs 9 volts AC or 12 volts DC. 9 volts DC will not work! The standard Effect Gizmo draws 550mA of power, the full stereo version draws 700mA. If you're phantom powering a MIDI controller, be sure to add in the controller's power consumption when determining the total power consumption of the Effect Gizmo.

The connector is a standard BOSS-style barrel connector, 5.5mm x 2.1mm x 9.5mm. Polarity is unimportant.
My Effect Gizmo's loops are acting strangely. Some loops turn on, some don't!

This typically happens when not providing sufficient power to the Effect Gizmo. If you're feeding it 9 volts DC, this is almost guaranteed to happen. Be sure to supply it with 9 volts AC or 12 volts DC for proper operation. The supply needs to be at least 550mA for a standard Effect Gizmo, or 700mA for the full stereo version, more if you are phantom powering a MIDI controller.
Can you power an Effect Gizmo with a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus?

No, that won't work, unfortunately. You can use a Pedal Power AC, specifically the 9VAC, 1200mA output.
Can I use an Effect Gizmo with a Voodoo Lab Ground Control, or with a Rocktron All Access?

Yes to both, and you can program their Instant Access buttons to control individual loops on the Effect Gizmo.

We have made two short videos that show how it's done:

All Access:

Ground Control Pro:

These videos are for the RG-16, but the same process applies to the Effect Gizmo. The only change is when enabling GCX mode (in the Ground Control Pro video). You enable GCX mode by holding the Loop 1 button on powerup, turning on Loop 9 and Loop 10, then pressing the Write button. This will enable GCX compatibility for all 12 loops.
Can I bypass the buffer or run the buffer after my fuzz pedal(s)?

To bypass the buffer altogether, plug your guitar straight into the "Input 1-4" jack. If you want to use the front panel input, connect a short jumper cable from the "From Front" jack to the "Input 1-4" jack. That will also completely bypass the buffer.

If you're using a fuzz pedal, we recommend putting the buffer in a loop as if it was a pedal - connect a loop send to the buffer input and loop return to the buffer output. Then you can selectively switch the buffer. You can also put the fuzz in loop 1 and buffer in loop 2, for example, then the buffer will always come after the fuzz and you can choose to turn the buffer on or off at any time.
Does the Tuner Output on the Effect Gizmo have a tuner mute feature?

There isn't a built-in tuner mute, but you can use one of the loops to mute. I recommend using one of loops 9 through 12. Connect the loop input to the previous loop's output, and leave this loop's output unconnected. Connect the loop send to your amp. When the loop is off, the sound will be muted but the tuner will still operate. When the loop is on, your guitar sound will come through. You need to be using the Effect Gizmo's buffer in order for the tuner output to be active.
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