Is there a way to number PCs sequentially so 1 = 1, 2 = 2, etc?


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Chase Bliss pedals use PC0 for "live", PC1 & 2 for the first 2 "switch position" presets, then everything up from that as "normal" presets. So on all my Chase Bliss things I tend to use:
preset 1 = PC101
Preset 2 = PC102
(..the odd pair, might be more sensible to use 121 and 122 - the highest available ones thinking about it), but mostly the point of this post is I then have:
Preset 3 = PC3
Preset 4 = PC4
etc... all the way up.

I don't want to change the offset as then it gets more confusing and makes sense not to, since CBA use "actual" PCs in the manual rather than "1" = 0, and I may want to send PC0 to put it in live mode, and if "1" sends 0 I'm stuck (although maybe PC128 then sends 0 or maybe it's unobtainable). But either way, that way makes most sense to me and using "sequential numbering" button makes them all 1 out. If I try to offset, then set sequential (which makes them "look" right), then turn the device menu back to no offset, the editor then shifts them all 1 so the PC numbers always stay 1 out.

I also have other pedals I've traditionally numbered like that too.

Obviously I can manually change them all for all presets, but kinda frustrating to have a "set sequential button", but I still manually have to step through each preset incrementing it by 1 every time. Not the end of the world since I only have to do it once for about 35 presets and only when I get a new pedal, but obvs at some point as I make new patches I'll have to start numbering from there all the way up. So would be great to just do the lot quickly when I add a new pedal, then never have to worry I'll accidentally use one patch twice (at least unintentionally).