Mini Line Mixer question


So, I want to take my slave out of my Mesa head into a stereo effects unit then out to a stereo powere amp for a w/d/w.

Just to make sure, would I take a splitter cable from the slave out, put one into the dry input and one into the input of my effects. Then I would plug the L side effects into L in and the R side effect into R side in. Then Output L to one side of my PA and Output R to the other side?

Is this how it would go?
This may be a stupid question but I have two ask it.
I would like to send two separate preamps in to the MLM and two stereo effects. Then I would like to get two blended dry signals and two blended wet signals out. Is this possible using the L/R in and out on the Dry side? Or will the L/R Dry signals stick to their respective inserted sides?

In advance thank you
The left side and right side are never blended, but you could run preamp 1 into Input 1R, preamp 2 into 2R, and then the stereo effects outputs into inputs 3L&R and 4L&R. That would result in a blended dry signal on both sides mixed with stereo effects.