MLM Setup Question


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I will start by describing my current setup

Guitar into a compressor, WAH and OD into a Marshall JVM410HJS. I have the Marshall's speaker output going to a Two Notes Torpedo Live. Mono line out from the Torpedo that goes into input 1 of an Eventide H9. Then Stereo out of the H9 into an Eventide Space and Stereo out of it to two channels on a mixer.

I would like to keep H9 and Space in this location as apposed to the amps effects loop and run it in parallel the main line out of the Torpedo. Do you see any issues with this setup? And would I need any special cables to connect it this way?
I don't see any specific problems with that. You will need something to split the output of the Torpedo to go to both the mixer and the H9.
Would something like the Radial Bigshot ABY work for something like this? Or maybe a Voodoo Labs GCX? Reason why I mention this is that I already have these units.
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I thought I figured it out but I am not so sure. Using the GCX with the MLM, how would the connections go exactly if I were to place each device (H9 and Space) in it's own loop on the GCX? I think I would go through the front of the GCX then Guitar Out to the Dy input of the MLM. Then from the Feed Thru to the first loop. Here's where I get lost. How do I get a signal from each pedal while they are in their own loops on the GCX to inputs on the MLM? Mind you I want to run the pedals at the same time of course. Or is my only option to go through both pedals out of one loop on the GCX?
A Y-cable from the back panel Feed Thru to the Ins of 1 and 2 maybe? Then Send to each pedal from their respected GCX loops? Then Stereo out of each pedal to the stereo Ins of the MLM?
If this is the way, how can I add a third pedal to a third loop? Or maybe the best way is to just run each pedal together in one loop?
The way the GCX is wired internally, you will need a splitter cable or box so that your guitar signal is split and goes to the input of each loop you want to run in parallel. There's really no way around it (unless you buy one of our switchers, which are capable of splitting the signal internally)
Gotcha. If that's the case I guess if I go the splitter box route like the Galaxy Audio JIB/S Jack In The Box TRS Splitter, there's really no need for the GCX or any looper system for that matter? Although your Rack gizmo looks awesome!
Having the switcher there is helpful if your pedals are not MIDI enabled, but if they can shut themselves off, then just going straight from splitter to pedal to mixer is fine.