Strange Mini Line Mixer behaviour


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Hi Ron

I have the MLM mixing a dry preamp output (Marshall JVM) plus stereo out from an Axe FX for parallel post effects.

Recently i noticed my dry signal would reduce in volume on some of my patches, but the problem instantly goes away if i unplug the Right signal coming from the Axe. The problem is there when the Axe's right output isn't producing any sound, but goes away if the Right cable is unplugged. It's as if some kind of built in protection in the MLM is kicking in which i've never heard before.

I am running the Marshall's Channel volumes on full and am also running the MLM on max to hit the JVM's power section harder, which has never been an issue and sounds great.

Is there some kind of strange summing or power supply thing going on? The MLM has got correct power.
Is your system mono or stereo? If you're only using a single amp, you should connect to the line mixer in mono. Make sure you use the right inputs and right outputs for best results. If you use the right input and the left output, for example, the output signal will be partially shorted to ground, which could reduce the level.
It's a stereo system. All the correct Ins and Outs are being used, but actually looking at the rig now, the R output of the MLM isn't going to any amp (it normally does) so perhaps there's a partial short being created there.
If there's nothing plugged into the right output, there could be a problem. I recommend using the right output if you're only going to use one.