Y Not not playing nicely with 2 x RG16s

Kurt May

So I have a monster rack in the studio with 2 x RG16s and I've just purchased a Y Not.

My MIDI chain is as follows:

Axess Electronics FX1 Midi Out >
RG16#1 Midi In > // RG16#1 Midi Thru >
RG16#2 Midi In // RG16#2 Midi Thru >
Y Not Midi In

I have RG16#1 on Midi Ch01, RG16#2 on Midi Ch02 and the Y Not on Midi Ch03.

The two RG16s are playing nicely and have been for some time.

The Y Not does not appear to be responding to MIDI messages using this chain. I have the CC messages and Midi Channel on the FX1 correct.

When I connect the Axess Electronics Midi Out directly into the Y Not Midi In, it works perfectly.

Any suggestions as to why this is? I thought perhaps it was due to RG16#2 not transmitting on Midi Ch03, but if that was the case RG16#2 wouldn't be receiving it's Midi messages on Midi Ch02 from the RG16#1.

Any help would be appreciated.

It seems like one of the RG-16's MIDI Thru ports is not working. Does the Y-Not work if it's plugged into RG16 #1's MIDI thru?

FYI, channel settings on the RG16s won't affect the Y-Not - the MIDI Thru port just forwards everything that comes into the device's MIDI input (at least, it does when it's working)
Bloody Midi cables!! I just checked them all again and one of them was shot. Thought I had done this last night.

Working like a treat now!!