Y-NOT, will there be signal loss? Midi thru?


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Looking to use a couple of Y-Nots in a PBC and GT16 setup.
I need to use the Y-Not due to the midi compatibility.

I intend to use the Y-Not in a loop on the PBC in order to send out to an amp for that loop only and have the Y-Not split that signal between the amp and returning to that loop on the PBC. I want all this to be controlled via midi in preset changes... pretty straight forward stuff.

Now, the concern I have is that in other loop switchers I have used (like the octa switch), when doing the same thing I used various high quality ABY boxes (either with or without transformer iso/buffers etc) but experienced signal loss either at the output to the amp in that loop or signal loss through the rest of the main signal chain. as I said i tried various proprietry ABY boxes, changed around the outputs of them etc and still the same signal loss...
Then I tried out an unasuming Boss Line Selector on the A+B setting and BOOM, problem solved. Both the level knobs on LS2 set to unity so no level matching going on.
I could never figure out why this was the only thing that worked. Is it a buffer thing?

Anyway, my point is I want to do the same thing in the current example with the PBC and Y-Not but really hoping I don't encouter any signal loss as I need that midi control of the Y-Not!

Can anyone (Looking at you Ron) shine some light on this one?

Also, I need to run a second Y-Not in this setup (albiet in a more straightforward manner) but the lack of MIDI through on the Y-Not may be of issue? will I be ok simply using a MIDI Junction box (such as midi solutions) to run both simultaneously along with my other MIDI devices?

Many thanks in advance for any advice shared.
It probably was a buffer issue that you were seeing. As long as the Y-Not's buffer is enabled, I don't expect that there would be any signal loss.

Yes, a Quadra Thru by MIDI Solutions or another MIDI thru box will solve the issue of the Y-Not lacking a thru.
Thanks Ron. Yes the trusty Line Selector has several buffers at various points in its circuit which probably blanket solved a deeper issue... say with the octa switch not being great.